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If after serious prayer, you’re considering priesthood, the first step is to get in touch with your local vocations office. They’ll guide you through discernment.

What’s the discernment process like? You’ll be able to talk to a priest regularly, attend discernment nights in community with other men, and go on retreats – all with the goal to help you better know what you were made for. For those in the LA, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, that’s the Vocations Office for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.


Contact Fr. Sam and Fr. Mike at LA Vocations Today


To enter St. John’s Seminary, you’ll first need approval and sponsorship of a diocese or religious community. Therefore, prior to his admission to the seminary, a candidate is to determine prayerfully and with spiritual guidance, the diocese or religious community for which he proposes to study and which, in turn, will sponsor his admission to the seminary.

Once the diocese has accepted a candidate for sponsorship and has submitted that candidate’s application to the seminary, there arises a certain bond between the candidate and the sponsoring diocese. St. John’s Seminary is proud to serve many Dioceses and Orders. To get in touch with some of the many dioceses we work with, see below for their vocations offices.

Other Vocation Offices

Los Angeles Vocations Office:

Orange County Vocations Office:

San Bernardino Vocations Office:

Fresno Vocations Office:

Monterey Vocations Office:

For those of you that have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree, you would first be submitted by your Vocation Director to attend any formation house within your diocese which is a house of formation for college-aged seminarians who are aspiring to the diocesan priesthood.

For the Archdiocese of Los Angeles the house of formation is

Queen of Angels Center for Priestly Formation: 

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