“The seminary… more than a place, a material place, should be a spiritual place, a way of life, an atmosphere that fosters and ensures a process of formation so that the person who is called to the priesthood by God may become, with the sacrament of orders, a living image of Jesus Christ,” — Pope Saint John Paul II,

Jesus gathered disciples and shared his love with them. He formed them as a community of prayer and service. At St. John’s, seminarians experience such community, so that they can go on to foster community in their parishes. Like Jesus’ first disciples, we are diverse, steeped in a common tradition, and oriented to service and self-giving.


All students are given an email account hosted by Office 365, which provides many online tools for their use such as Calendar, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even Video sharing.


St. John’s has two libraries for philosophical and theological research. Students also have access to books available via WorldCat Libraries and resources archived in other networks.



Dormitories are equipped with lounges for watching television, laundry rooms, a kitchen, mailboxes, computers. Campus also has a cantina, a recreation hall, weight room, basketball courts, hiking/running trails, and pool. Nearby are dry cleaners, movie theaters, stores, restaurants and pubs.


News & Events

Find out what sorts of events that the St. John's Seminary provide like our Open House, Beacon and Youth Day


Student Handbook

All students must abide by the established standards for conduct and studies. Seminarians must meet the requirements of priestly formation: spiritual, pastoral and human. The Handbook provides a detailed description of what students need to know about living or studying at St. John's.