“Disciples are learners. The first task of intellectual formation is to acquire a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the fullness and completion of God’s revelation and the one Teacher. This saving knowledge is acquired not only once, but it is continuously appropriated and deepened, so that it becomes more and more part of us.”

Program of Priestly Formation, fifth edition (PPF #137)

Pre-Theology Program

St. John’s Pre-Theology Program is designed exclusively for seminarians who have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university other than a seminary college and who do not have sufficient background in philosophy and cognate disciplines requisite for the study of theology as outlined in the Program of Priestly Formation, 5th edition. 

Master of Divinity Degree

The Master of Divinity is a professional degree that prepares students for effective ministry in the Church. The degree requires a minimum of four academic years (eight semesters) of full-time work or the equivalent. Pastoral ministry that includes a pastoral year is integrated into the academic program. 

Master of Arts Degree

The Master of Arts is a two-year full-time academic degree intended to recognize students who have demonstrated clear potential for sustained excellence in theological studies and research. The M.A. degree has a thesis program in which the student researches, writes, presents and defends an original work or a non-thesis program in which the individual will take comprehensive exams with focus in a given subject. 

Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry Degree

The MAPM Degree is a two-year ful-time (42 unit) degree program consisting of theological and pastoral ministry competency requirements as well as the successful completion of an integration paper or project. This degree is specifically for non-seminarian students working in parish or other pastoral ministry. 

Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) Program

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) is a two year (full time), 42 unit degree program consisting of theological and pastoral ministry competency requirements as well as the successful completion of the MAPM integration paper or Project. The degree is designed for non-resident students who have been identified by their pastors or religious superiors as persons able to serve as lay pastoral associates, parish life directors, directors of religious education, youth or young adult ministers, adult faith formators, or in a variety of ministerial positions open to laity in Catholic parishes or other pastoral settings such as hospitals, campuses or prisons. The MAPM students join the seminarians for required courses. 

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