“Disciples are learners. The first task of intellectual formation is to acquire a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the fullness and completion of God’s revelation and the one Teacher. This saving knowledge is acquired not only once, but it is continuously appropriated and deepened, so that it becomes more and more part of us”

Program of Priestly Formation , fifth edition (PPF #137)

Theological learning at St. John’s Seminary is a central feature of the formation program, and is integral to effective priestly and pastoral ministry. The Academic Program of St. John’s Seminary provides graduate level theological education with a commitment to excellence in teaching and faculty scholarship. The goals of the Academic Program at St. John’s Seminary which were adopted from the goals stated in the Program for Priestly Formation are reflected in the Pre-Theology Program, the Master of Divinity Degree Program, the Master of Arts Degree Program, and the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry Program.

Students in degree programs at St. John’s Seminary will achieve:

  • Theological knowledge as a crucial skill for the exercise of priestly and pastoral ministry;
  • An understanding of theological study as the Academic Program integrating factor in their total formation;
  • An understanding of the central focus of theology in the formation of the Christian community;
  • An in-depth understanding of the Word of God and celebrating the Word in Sacrament;
  • An understanding of the social consciousness of the Gospel as integral to all the theological disciplines;
  • An understanding of the historical-critical method for doing theology;
  • A commitment to the process of lifelong learning as integral to the ongoing task of professional ministry and personal development.

For a detailed description of all the academic programs: Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, and the Language and Cultural Studies Program, please consult the Degrees page for detailed policies.


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